Laundry Service in Tyrone, GA

Tyrone, GA

About This Community

georgia peachLocated in Fayette County, Georgia, Tyrone is home to about 7,100 or so people. The town was named after County Tyrone in Ireland.

Tyrone is home to a few famous people including, Joey Clanton, NASCAR driver, Andrew Gardner, NFL football player for the Miami Dolphins, Kedric Golston, NFL football player for the Washington Redskins, Calvin Johnson, NFL football player for the Detroit Lions and Brittany Swann, Miss Georgia USA 2007.

Tyrone is also home base for the U.S. headquarters for Operation Mobilisation and Wellspring Living, an organization dedicated to working with victims of childhood trauma.

Laundry Pick Up & Delivery in Tyrone, GA

Do you find it ridiculous that the average American can spend up to 10 hours a week on laundry alone? Do you have a to-do list that’s about a mile long of other things that have to get done? Well, it’s your lucky day because Peach State Laundry is here for all your laundry needs.

Peach State Laundry provides laundry pick up & delivery service in Tyrone, GA. That’s right, we will pick up your dirty laundry and deliver it, washed and folded, back to you within a day of initial pick up. Laundry is personal, so we’re all about honoring any personal preference you might have. Just let us know! We follow every specification down to the detail. In fact, if you want your socks rolled, we’ll do that! All of our services are completely customizable.

The greatest part about using our laundry service is not only will you have effortlessly fresh laundry, but you’ll also save more time! Think of all the things you’re now free to do! From walking your dog to preparing for that next big presentation, you’ll be glad you’re in a Peach State of mind! Be your best self, enjoy the laundry-free life.

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